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Yumi was born in Lithuania, she spent most of her adolescence creating digital art, and watching anime, as life there was quite boring.As soon as she graduated high school she moved to England to pursue her career in the art fields, or as she thought - to become a concept artist for video games. She graduated with a degree in Illustration from University of Arts London.But little did she know that by that time she would be completely rejecting the idea of working in any office set environment. She wanted freedom, because she knew that her creative capacities could only be unleashed when she could create when, where and only what she wanted.So life in many weird ways led her to become a tattoo artist!And now she creates her own illustrations and tattoos them on other people.Inspired by everything she likes - Japanese culture, mythical creatures, fairy tales, her cat and now also vampires. She creates creatures from other dimensions, with a quirky twist and a mischievous smile. 


For bookings and enquiries you can contact her directly via Instagram.

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