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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a tattoo can be a pretty big deal and we are here to give you the best advice we can and provide as much information as you need before deciding on what and where to get tattooed.

How much does it cost to get tattooed?

We will gladly provide you with an estimated price for your tattoo project before booking you in. To request an estimate you just need to fill out our contact form and preferably send us a few images for reference to the style, you would like your new tattoo done in or send us an email at . Estimates are based not only on the size of the tattoo, but also on the complexity of the design, the level of detail and whether it is done in color or black and grey only.

How soon can I get tattooed? // How long is your waiting list?

It depends on what you would like to have tattooed and which artist would be best suited for that particular project. For smaller projects you can usually come as a walk-in client, but any larger project we recommend that you get in touch first.

Can I bring a friend to my tattoo session?

We cannot promise and in general we recommend that a tattoo is done by the artist and only in the presence of you. Guests tend to distract both client and artist and steal time away from the project itself.

How do I pay for my tattoo?

We do not accept credit cards, only cash payments.

I’m not 18 yet. Can I get tattooed at your studio? (My parents say it’s OK!)

No. We will not under any circumstances tattoo a minor. No if’s or but’s. Your parents are, however, very welcome to call or write to the shop and discuss this policy with us. 

I’m pregnant // breastfeeding. Can I get tattooed?

While it is not illegal to get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding, it is not advisable either. Not much research has been done on the risks of getting tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding, but the very act of tattooing can be traumatic for the body.  While we believe tattoos can carry immense significance, the health of your child is more important.

I’m vegetarian/vegan. Can I get tattooed with vegan ink?

Several of the ink brands that we use have inks made without the use of animal products. We will, however, not guarantee exclusive use of vegan-friendly ink in any tattoo, as our primary concern is the quality and longevity of the artwork. While we understand the reasons for this request, it is one we cannot and will not guarantee fulfilling.

How do I go about getting tattooed if I don’t live in Spain?

The easiest way is to get in touch with us and plan it out. Many of our clients come from abroad and get tattooed for several days in a row, and it is by now something we are quite specialized in, but it all depends on the project and the size of it. Use the contact form to get in touch or email us directly and let us know what you’re looking to have done; we will provide you with an estimated time needed to complete the tattoo, a selection of possible dates to book and help you plan out how to most efficiently go about getting your tattoo project started.

Does it hurt?

Tattooing can range from mildly uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. Everyone experiences pain differently, however, and while we aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible you should expect to be in at least a small amount of pain and discomfort. We are after all pushing needles into your flesh thousands of times per minute. You can avoid a lot of discomfort and pain by making sure to get a good night’s rest before your session, eating a healthy breakfast, drinking loads of water in the days before your session and by bringing something to distract yourself with, like a book or tablet to watch movies on.

If you have any further questions feel free to get in contact with us via email at:
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