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Walk-ins welcome!

Interested in getting a spontaneous tattoo?
Here are some of the things you should know.

Here at Meatshop Tattoo we do custom tattoos with apointments but we are also open for walk-in sessions. 


Here are some tips to facilitate your experience. 


No appointments are required for walk-in tattoos, but, we do recommend you swing by the studio in the morning, this way you can check if anyone is currently available, even though you might have to wait for an opening as we cannot guarantee availability.

But, hurry up, because, if someone comes before you, they will go first! Walk-in tattoos work on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can also book your appointment here in which case you would have to do a deposit guaranteeing availability. 

Reference pictures

flash designs

When you get a Walk-in tattoo try to have a design in mind and have some reference pictures with you of the idea/tattoo that you would like to get done, together with size in cm and body placement, as there are many various ways/styles to illustrate an idea and it would help the artist prepare a design to your liking. 

Instead a Flash tattoo is a design that is ready to be tattooed and is typically a quick design. Also once you get it done, it won't be tattooed twice. Flash tattoos come as you see them and in the size they are supposed to be tattooed.


As for flash tattoo designs you can check the flash books of the resident artists here at the studio, though they might not have availability on the same day, you can also directly get in touch with the artist to see which flashes are still available.


Generally speaking, tattoo artists only do small to medium-sized tattoos for Walk-in sessions. That is because larger and more complicated tattoos require more time to prepare the design and/or even more sessions to complete the tattoo.

Very important is to know the approximate size in centimeters and the body placement of your tattoo, as the price can change depending on it. Also keep in mind that very small and detailed tattoos do not heal well and the artist always gives you the right size so that the tattoo will look good in time!


To get a tattoo you must bring one proof of identification such as: 

- ID card of your country of origin

-  Passport 

- Driver's license 

You must be over 18 years old as we have a strict no tattooing minors policy here at Meatshop Tattoo. No if’s or but’s, though feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your ideas and set an appointment after you turn 18. 


When you discuss with management, depending on the size, body placement, time spent and complexity of the tattoo we will give you an estimated price.

When the tattoo session is over, the tattoo artist will tell you the final price within the estimate we gave you prior to tattooing.

Keep in mind that at the studio we accept only cash for the final payments!!

We only accept other forms of payments (such as bank transfer, Paypal and card) for deposits and merchandise.


No tattoo artist will do a Walk-in tattoo, or any tattoo session if you are intoxicated with alcohol or any other substance. 

Before you arrive at the tattoo studio, think about the potential tattoo design and whether it has any hate, offensive, and insulting background since here at Meatshop Studio no tattoo artists will do hate-, racially insulting- or culturally appropriative tattoos, regardless of whether you are going for a Walk-in or a regular tattooing session.

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